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Activity Monitoring & Controlling Software, {+918485996848, [email protected]} It is very useful for companies and  organizations that are  facing problems of confidential data transfer, wastage of working hours, net surfing, and time spent on personal activities by their employees. With Computer CID Software, {020830527AC}employer can effectively monitor employees during their working hours and can experience the enhanced efficiency and increased output  at work. It is the perfect employee monitoring software that monitors every activity including currently running applications, typed keystrokes, websites visited, list of the files(S) uploaded/downloaded through FTP protocol, opened/closed window application, desktop screenshots, chat logs, internet activities, system process, and much more. No doubt, Computer CID improves the employees’ productivity and decreased the possibility of security breaches. But, hard evidence is vital to identify and prove the disloyal employees. Keeping such situations in mind, Computer CID is designed to save all the monitored activities for future references. It is beneficial in situation of employee disloyalty where saved activities for future references. It is beneficial in situation of employee disloyalty where saved activities act prove evidence for any legal proceedings. It also creates offline logs when you are not present to monitor them.

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