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JOYFULGEMS KIDZEE PLAY SCHOOL believes that every child is special and unique and the curriculum is implemented that is centered around this aspect. An important part of the curriculum is that there is no restriction on the age and the time of year at which children can be enrolled into the preschool. Our School considers all of these possibilities and provides “an individual plan tailored for every child”.

As a part of the curriculum the child is exposed to a “Structured” environment helping her/him to learn concepts from practical life skills, motor skills, language skills, science , math, geography and culture. Given the right tools; children are capable of grasping the most complex of concepts in the preschool years. This forms the basis of developing a largely child centric curriculum. The development of the child is quite rapid below the ages of 6, their ability to grasp things, understand concepts and emotions is quite high; and every child is at a different stage of development. Hence the emphasis is quite high on individual activities through materials, where each child is performing the activities based on the plan for him. It is due to this approach which is completely child centric that the children able to able to learn things and learn them better.

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