Surface Grinding Machines

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We, Kohinoor Machine Tools, are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Surface Grinding Machines under the brand name of KMT. Surface Grinders is one of the efficient & usefull tool room machinery used for giving shape & size to various types of metals, plastics & rubber etc. Our products have got huge favor in the market because in the manufacturing process of our Surface Grinders,  we always look into its quality process such as properly seasoned casting, properly scrapped Surface, proper machining, superior quality of raw material, best quality of spares, genuine bearings & motors, magnetic chuck of best quality & highly satisfactory accuracy. We use efficient & successful technology for our Hydraulic & Manual Surface Grinding Machines, such as Drive System to control the panel of the machine, AC Motor for Cross Feed Mechanism, Censors etc. Which makes us unique & efficient Surface Grinders manufacturer & supplier.
Manual Surface Grinding Machines/ Manual Surface Grinders

Oil Dip Surface Grinders: These Machines are made up of properly seasoned , robust, rigid, & well-ribbed heavy duty Cast Iron pedestal Bed with accurate ‘V’ and flat guide ways fully dipped in Oil. These machines ensure absolutely vibration-free services and every care has been taken to fabricate each & every part incorporated in the machine precisely to achieve maximum accuracy.

These machines are well equipped with huge level of quality, genuine bearings (SKF made in Austria) & spare parts, genuine motor(ABB) along with standard accessories.

Range of Manual Surface Grinding Machines:

We have 5 Models in Oil Dip Surface Grinders:

  1. KM714 (175mmx350mm)
  2. KM914 (225mmx350mm)
  3. KM918 (225mmx450mm)
  4. KM1020 (250mmx500mm)
  5. KM1224 (300mmx600mm)




Hydraulic Surface Grinding Machines

Model:KMH1224(300mmx600mm)-X axis Hydraulic, Y axis Motorised.

Model:KMH1530(375mmx750mm)-X axis Hydraulic, Y axis Motorised.

Model:KMH1540(375mmx1000mm)-X axis Hydraulic, Y axis Motorised.

Model:KMH1640(400mmx1000mm)-X axis Hydraulic, Y axis Motorised.

Model :KMHS1224(300mmx600mm)-X & Y axis Hydraulic with Electro- Magnetic Chuck.

Model :KMHS1530(375mmx750mm)-X & Y axis Hydraulic with Electro- Magnetic Chuck.

Model :KMHS1540(375mmx1000mm)-X & Y axis Hydraulic with Electro- Magnetic Chuck.

Model :KMHS1640(400mmx1000mm)-X & Y axis Hydraulic with Electro- Magnetic Chuck.

KMT Salient Features

  • ·      Heavy Duty robust based structure and is rigidly constructed with properly seasoned casting.
  • Guide ways  are on ‘V’ properly scrapped surface.
  • Lubrication System  arrangements is provided for all the contacts surface with relative motions.
  • Wheel Head  is mounted on rigid vertical-column supported by pre-loaded precision bearings, direct flanged mounted electric motor.


Extra Features

  • Hydraulic Machines are equipped with quality seals & Honned Hydraulic Cylinder.
  • Power pack equipped with suction,  pressure gauge, relief value, branded hydraulic  pump etc.
  • Magnet slide is automatically lubricated through Power Pack.
  • All Hydraulic connections are connected by leak proof fittings and hydraulic hose pipes.
  • After completion of job machine will stop automatically.


Features that makes us Different

  • Cross Feed Mechanism is Motorised. We do not use ‘Rachet’ System for the Cross Slide operations.
  • Drive controls the Machine Operations. We do not use ‘Card’ System for the smooth Operations.

Censors for ‘Y’ axis movement of Cross slide.







Standard Accessories

  • Electric Motors
  • Permanent Magnetic Chuck
  • Grinding Wheel Mounted
  • Diamond Dresser with Holder
  • Wheel Adopter Puller
  • Spanner for Wheel Change
  • Wheel Balancer with Mandrel
  • Coolant Supply System
  • Lubrication System
  • Machine Lamp.


Optional Equipments Extra Cost

  • Electro Magnetic Chuck
  • Motorised Vertical Up & Down in Hydraulic Machines.
  • Dust Collector.




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