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    Our History Development
    RUOXIANG company concentration home textile for 30 years.
    Before 1987’s, the founder SuFen Zhao of the RUOXIANG was a sewing worker. She worked hard and study hard. She hoped that she could have her own company one day..
    -In 1987’s, Establishment of RUOXIANG company RUOXIANG
    -In 1996’s, RuoXiang company specializes in the development of polyester fabrics. And build our own factory in NanTong about 2,000㎡.
    -In 2001’s, we introduced the new cotton fabric, and started selling finished products.
    -In 2004’s, RuoXiang company to do business with our loyal and smart foreign friends. At the same time we expanded our factory to 4,000 ㎡. After a year of unremitting efforts, We got many customers from all of the world , We opened up new world.
    -In 2006’s, Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. It was appraised as the high technology enterprise in Jiangsu province.
    -In 2010’s, RuoXiang company focus on developing washed cotton fabric.
    -In 2018’s, between 2010-2018 RUOXIANG company went to the world’s fairs (Contain Fair, HongKong,Dubai,Russia,India,Germany…)to find the right purchasers to bring convenience to the buyers. At the same time we expanded our factory to 6,000 ㎡.Customized Disperse Printing Bed Linen