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    JX3640H High Speed Automatic CNC Angle Drilling and Marking Machine Line
    Product Usage
    JXH series high-speed CNC drilling machine line is mainly used for marking, drilling of mental structure in production of steel tower of transmission industry and distribution industry. This CNC machine line has independent hydraulic, servo drives and electrical nine-axis servo CNC system.
    The machine is mainly composed of horizontal channel, turning channel, feeding channel, NC car, CNC drilling unit, typing unit, unloading channel, hydraulic systems, electrical systems, pneumatic cooling system and etc.
    Product Feature
    There are six sets of CNC drilling power heads equipped in drilling unit, every power head uses Taiwan’s internal precision spindle, the maximum speed up to 6000r / min, the drilling efficiency is much higher than ordinary drilling accuracy, , appearance has a great improve. Power head is servo infeed and it is high-speed infeed before drilling, it will transfer to slow forward when it achieved normal speed. It will automatically fast return after complete the drilling. As the power head with servo feed, the workpiece can be completed blind hole operation, one-time completion of all the holes on the angle of the processing.
    The drilling head is Sweden Sandvik or American Kenner cemented carbide drill. The drilling head is cooled by aerosol, the cooling effect is good. Furthermore, the coolant is no need recycling, the cold drilling head is equipped with rotatable blade, the cost is low and high efficiency of drilling.
    CNC machining process, the operation is convenient, it is able to achieve automation, high-precision, multi-species, high-volume production
    PC using Chinese and English interface, simple operation, can be generated by lofting software to generate the workpiece processing program can also be hand-made
    The machine is equipped with ball screw, linear rolling guide, hydraulic pump, valve, feed servomotor, drive and control system, which are world famous brand products. So that the machine has high precision, high reliability, low failure and high starting rate.
    Technical Parameter
    1Angle Rangemm140X140X10-250X250X32 140X140X10-350X350X40
    2Max Diameter of Hole (stiff alloy drill)mmφ17.5~φ30
    Drilling Spindle Taper Hole BT40
    4Max Marking ForceKN1250
    5Group of MarkingGroup4
    6Size of Charactermm14×10mm
    7Number of Character per Group Pcs15
    8Number of Drilling UnitsPcs6
    9Spindle Speedr/min180-6000
    10Angle Feeding Speedm/min50
    11Back mark Rangemm40-220
    12Max Infeeding Lengthmm14000
    13Max Out feeding Lengthmm12000
    14Number of NC axesThat Can Be PositionedPcs9
    15Max. Shearing ForceKN2500 (Optional)
    16Total Power of MachineKW120
    17Max Weight of Each Piecet12 About1214About14
    18Dimension of Machinem32×7.5×335×8.5×3
    Total Weight of Machinet40 About4045About45
    Technical Description
    This production line is used for automatic drilling of large size angle. The work piece without a marking, punching, simply enter the size of the work piece, all holes are automatically drilled, hole spacing, quasi distance and back mark precision can meet the requirement of national standard .Moreover, the precision is stable, it will not appear accidental errors caused by human factors.
    Drilling unit: There are three groups of CNC drilling power heads arrange on each side that able to install three different diameter drills. Drilling power head with two linear rolling guide, AC servo motor drive, accurate ball screw drive to achieve feeding by drilling. The changing of drilling accurate distance can be achieved through the entire movement of three power head in each group. Drilling spindle uses precision spindle which is produced in Taiwan (Inner cooling), with disc spring automatic broach, hydraulic cylinder loose knife, easy to replace the hilt.
    Marking unit: Marking force is 1250KN, the machine body using closed structure with good rigidity and clear marking function. Can be installed four groups of words box and the typing back mark can be set up random.
    In the angle of the wings can be drilled three holes of different diameters, after through production line can be completed processing all holes in once whatever how many rows of holes in each side.
    Feeding channel: CNC feeding into the car is driven by the servo motor, using optical encoder feedback to constitute close-loop control with high positioning accuracy.
    The cut-off clearance reserved between each work piece can be freely adjusted to suit different cutting modes.
    The CNC drilling is equipped with fog lubrication and cooling system, the drill adopts good quality inner cooling system, CNC drilling with forced circulation cooling system, drill speed can be stepless adjustment, the feed speed can be stepless adjustment. The work piece will change to feeding when touch the drill which in fast forward condition, it will automatic fast return after drilling through.
    Hydraulic system: Majorly to achieve blinder, spindle hydraulic loose-knife, power head slider hydraulic balance and typing functions.
    Control system: It is composed by host computer, CNC system, servo motor, PLC, external detection switch and so on. It will automatically generate processing programs with only need to input the size of work piece. Also accept the lofting processing program according to the order, transfer, display and communication to do storage any time.
    Optional configuration:
    Cutting unit: Max cutting force 2500kN that can improve efficiency of processing, omitting the secondary lifting material program. Max angle cutting size is 200x20mm (Q420).
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