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    ◆Our History
    Our company’s excellent quality and service quickly win the trust and support of the vast number of clients in the industry, we constantly strive for excellence technology and R&D. In a few years, our company has self-built workshops and import high-precision equipment, so as to form a certain scale of all supporting services for processing. The production department includes grinding department, wire cutting department, CNC processing department, R&D and design department, control circuit division, etc. The factory area has been expanded from 2000 square meters to about 6000 square meters, and we also managed according to ISO international standardization.
    2002.May: Established at HengLi new town
    2006.Jun: Register our HongKong subsidiary corporation.
    2008.Dec: ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification

    ◆Our Factory
    Dongguan hongxie precision equipment co., LTD., establish in March 2003, specialize in connector and terminal crimping assembly products, various communication digital electronic products, precision jig and non-standard automation.
    In the background of the popularization of automation equipment, and fast development of industrial upgrading and reforming of China’s manufacturing industry, and demand for the professional high-precision fixture, HongXie spare no expense, introduced high-precision processing and testing equipment, focused on training professional technician, and constantly improved the internal processing process from practice.
    Strength of the company is core competitiveness, which is the source of confidence. HongXie strive to keep pace with development of industry, to ensure that we are in a leading position.

    ◆Our Product
    PRECISION EQUIPMENT、Precision Jig、Precision Parts,Design,Manufacture、process、Assemblage、Electronic control、Synthesis program, Ceramic parts, Tungsten carbide parts, etc.

    ◆Product Application
    IT 、communication、semiconductor、connector、mobile phone、car、 medical treatment、 LCD, etc.

    ◆Our Certificate
    ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification was obtained in 2008(attached)

    ◆Production Equipment

    ◆Production Market
    Directly traded customer(attached)

    ◆Our service
    From equipment design to processing debugging, after sale, integration correspondence.
    We provide efficient and perfect one-stop product service, integrated solution of precision part and automatic equipment manufacturing.Crimping Machine manufacturers

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