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    Automatic Ceramic decal Screen Printing Machine
    Screen printing has been applied to ceramic decal printing for long history. For its particular advantage of full and fresh ink layer which can reach 30~40mm.
    Slow drying ceramic ink need long drying time, Normally long wicket dryer adopted to finish drying the printed sheet.
    KSP series automatic swing-cylinder screen printing machine produced by Shanghai Imprint is a kind of flat screen printing machine with high speed and precision. It is widely used in printing semi-rigid materials, such as golden and silver paper, transfer paper, thickness: 90g/m2~350g/m2 as well as plastic film(PVC/PCB/PET/PP), sticker, bank card etc.
    1. Decals printing for ceramic, glass, enamel, lottery, auto&bicycle, furniture, athletic products etc.
    2. UV (spot) varnishing, Special effects printing, such as abrasive, wrinkle, snow and ice flower, reflection, bubble etc.
    3. Flexible cardboard, advertisement, tobacco&alcohol packaging printing as well as PVC, bank card printing.
    ★There are pull gauge device and photoelectric detection system on the left and right sides of the machine to meet the requirements of printing on both sides of different gram papers; the above lower cam drives the pull gauge to push the printed product to the exact position to ensure accurate overprinting. It can be switched freely according to the needs of different substrates.
    ★A push-pull device and a fine-tuning calibration device are attached to the frame of the net frame to help fine-tune the correction plate to meet the requirements of accurate overprinting.
    ★ The shape of the drum is processed by German high-precision grinding machine to ensure the diameter and roundness of the drum. The ink surface of the product is evenly printed, and the dot saturation is fully guaranteed.
    ★The paper exit table started by the cylinder can be flipped up and down 90° quickly to facilitate the cleaning of the screen.
    ★The mesh frame pull-out design can be pulled out as a whole, which not only facilitates the calibration and adjustment of the screen and print, but also facilitates the cleaning and loading and unloading of the screen.
    ★When the newly designed ink-receiving disc is pulled out with the net frame as a whole, it is returned to the bottom of the ink knife to prevent the ink of the ink returning knife and the doctor blade from dripping on the drum.
    ★The front gauge and the flat-pressed paper tongue in front of the drum replace the traditional hook-shaped front gauge. The brush-wheel feed replaces the traditional steel ball and glass ball feed, and the vacuum adsorption function on the surface of the paper-feeding table ensures the printing. The flat clothing conveys the problem that the surface of the printed product in multiple overprints is scratched.
    Technical Parameter
    Max. Sheet Size(mm)720×520780×5401020×740
    Min Sheet Size (mm)350×270350×270560×350
    Max. Printing Size(mm)720×500780×5201020×720
    *Sheet Thickness(g/m2)90-35090-350120-350
    Screen Frame Size(mm)880×880940×9401280×1140
    *Printing Speed(p/h)1000–36001000—33001000—3000
    Total Power(kw)7.587.7810.39
    Total Weight (kg)350038005500
    Exterior Dimension(mm)4350×1960×12704350×2020×12704500×2450×1320
    *: The figures may be changed depending upon the printing materials and printing conditions.
    Featured Picture:
    Pneumatic plate clamping
    Push&pull side guide
    Outside guide adjustable handle
    Printing cylinder
    Anti-static&dust eliminator(optional)
    Printing Solution
    KSP720/780/1020 Printing Machine +KFD720/780/1020 Wicket Dryerbuy Transfer Printing Machine

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