China Carbonized Poplar Wood factory

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    Carbonized wood: fine structure, beautiful pattern, good texture on the surface, medium wood density; Moderate hardness, dry reduction, size stability, heavy corrosion resistance, small deformation, not easy to warp, long service life, processing, adhesive and paint performance; Need not process grain, the furniture that makes quietly elegant nature. Suitable for production: European, American, Chinese and other high-end furniture.
    Carbonized wood is after surface carbonization or depth treatment of wood, surface carbonization, charcoal word is fire, as the name suggests, must meet the conditions of no water, high temperature, control carbonization process, must have protective media.
    Completely natural, environmentally friendly and green. The surface carbonized wood is made of natural wood for one hundred years. In the production process, no harmful anticorrosive agents are added and no environmental pollution problems are generated. The wood surface is made of a very thin carbonized layer by means of oxygen welding gun barbecue.China Carbonized Poplar Wood factory

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