China Marine LED Illumination Light factory

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    The Scope of Application
    Fit for projecting illumination in outdoor place such as ship, dock port, store place and stadium.
    Products Characteristic
    1. The shell is made of good stainless steel with high strength and good corrosion resistance.
    2.It adopts good LED illuminant, the work life can be more than 50000 hours, energy-saving, high lighting and environment protection.
    3. LED drive adopt stable performance components to ensure long life of the drive circuit, constant current circuit design and there is abort circuit and overload circuit protection to ensure LED long term and stable work.
    Item NoVoltagePowerLamp HolderIlluminantLuminous fluxProtection ClassCable Outside DiaWeight
    TG2090V-270V30W/50W/100WLEDLED3000/5000/10000IP67φ9-φ149.8KGChina Marine LED Illumination Light factory

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