Composite Betaine China

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    ProductYellow betaine
    Other namesTMG, Trimethylglycine, Glycine betaine, Oxyneurine, Lycine
    Chemical Formula:C5H11NO2
    CAS No.:107-43-7
    Molecular weight:117.15
    ContentBetaine anhydrous≥30%
    AppearanceYellow brownto yellowish free flowing powder
    Product CharacteristicsYellow to yellowish powder, free flowing. The yellowish betaine for complete feed
    ApplicationAll kinds of animal species for complete feed
    Functions1. As a methyl donor, promotes methylation to help growth.
    2. Improve productive performance by the reduction of fat deposition and higher percentage of lean.
    3. Act as a good feed attractant for aquatic animals, promote the intake for fish and shellfish.
    4. As an osmolyte, plays a role in maintaining cellular volume and fluid balance.
    StorageStore in cool, dry place in original container and protected from moisture.
    Shelf life2 years from the manufacturing date.Composite Betaine China

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