Customized Portable Air Breathing Apparatus

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    The respirator is mainly applied to the plateau, underground tunnels, fire, coal, chemical, tunnels
    and high-rise buildings and other places.Emergency rescue and disaster relief, search probes and
    other respiratory protection when working with long poisonous gases, anoxic environment.
    Suitable environmental conditions:
    Product in the following environments should be able to reliably protect the respiratory organs
    — Atmospheric pressure :70 ~ 125 kPa;
    — Relative humidity :0 ~ 100 % RH ;
    — Temperature : – 10 ~ + 40 ℃ 。
    Product Configuration :
    This product is a positive-pressure breathing closed circulatory and respiratory protection devices.
    Full cover mainly composed of spherical full-field, breathing hose, clean tanks, air bags, coolers,
    oxygen cylinders, pressure gauges and other components.Residual pressure alarm using
    mechanical alarm,which is safe and reliable.The respirator quantitative, automatic replenishment,
    manual oxygen supply three kinds of ways. This product complies with GA632-2006 “positive
    pressure oxygen breathing fire” and MT867-2000 “Isolated positive pressure oxygen breathing
    apparatus” standard.And it has received the National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and
    Inspection Center and the State Production Safety Inspection approved mining equipment
    inspection and testing center.
    Structural features:
    a. soft breathing tube bold reform,add the cover This makes breathing gas capacity increases. Avoid frequent automatic replenishment and automatic exhaust breathing in large amounts Save gas supply, reduced breathing resistance, making breathing more stable performance
    b. Using advanced exhaust structure, take advantage of oxygen inside the respirator,reduce the burden of carbon dioxide absorbent, save gas source, thereby extending the use of time;
    c. Using single-sided sheet material airbag, Increase the volume, decreases the balloon deformation resistance,positive pressure value can be set much lower, making breathing easier
    d. using the new country’s first quantitative valve structure, bottle pressure change will not affect
    the oxygen supply ration,more stable and reliable oxygen;
    e. Domestic first large-capacity ice cooler, Lid down structure, Cooling effect Do not need to reveal
    the respirator to replace ice cover
    f. use the anti-fog maskanti-fog lens mask and hardening treatment, effectively improve the mask wearer sight problems affect, widening sealing lip mask for a wider population face, improve the mask sealing performance.Customized Portable Air Breathing Apparatus

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