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    Emerald got originated from the Greek word “Smargados” which depicts green stone. The greenish colour in this gemstone is highly unique and hence determined as emerald green. This emerald belongs nanocrystal gemstone category, and it is well-known for its hardness, transparency, and bright green colour. These nano crystal gemstones are hydrothermally grown as a mixed solution which gets exposed towards heat and pressure in lab conditions similar to that of deriving natural gemstones.Since this particular nanocrystal gemstone was created by using the hydrothermal process it is known as Hydrothermal Emerald. The creation of hydrothermal emerald nano crystal involves using a water solution at hgih temperature followed by several months of continuous processing in creating this particular nano crystal gemstone. We then use expert gemstone engineers to cut the rough hydrothermal emerald to convert it into a proper shape.
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