Steam Boilers

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    A particulate steam boiler is a kind of biomass boiler, which is a steam boiler that specializes in burning biomass fuel.
    1) Running environmental protection,
    2) save fuel,
    3) Automatic feeding and slagging,
    4) The air blower induced fan is frequency-regulated, the boiler is fully automatic, and the fuel quantity can be automatically adjusted according to the load change, and the steam output is stable.
    5) It has many protection and alarm measures such as pressure, water level and exhaust temperature to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.
    6) Effectively reduce energy consumption, reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, improve the environment, and is an important measure to improve the haze weather in the north.
    Operational Precautions
    1) The specific operation of the boiler should be carried out according to the product manual to ensure the safety of the operators and equipment.
    2) Check the power supply, voltage, water source and gas before starting the machine. Close the drain valve to open the water supply valve, check whether the flue is smooth, check the pressure of the furnace body and the working condition of the water pump, check the closed condition of the gas pipeline interface, and close the gas valve. Pre-ignition confirms that the motor is reversing. Check if the pump is stuck. If the pump is stuck, remove the fan back cover and turn the motor shaft to the flexible state to start.
    3) When you repair the boiler or replace the accessories, please cut off the gas and power supply to avoid danger caused by live work.
    4) The electric control box, burner, pump motor and other parts should be protected from moisture ingress to prevent burning, and the boiler should be kept clean.
    5) This product belongs to the gas steam boiler. Please be sure to install the water softener when using this equipment according to the boiler water quality requirements.
    Because it will cause boiler fouling if you do not use water softener,in severe cases, it will cause bursting and shorten the life of the boiler.
    If the above conditions are not used in accordance with the provisions of the water treatment equipment, it is not covered by the warranty.
    6) Please pay attention to the sewage when using this product. Discharge at least once a day and with a pressure of 0.15MPa ~ 0.25MPa, can prevent pipeline blockage. Sewage pipes should be properly connected, beware of burns.
    7) The safety valve should be checked for flexibility on a regular basis. Pull the safety valve lever at least once a month to check its flexibility of jumping and returning. The safety valve should be regularly checked by the local quality supervision bureau every year.Steam Boilers

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