steam sterilizer vacuum package food

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    Steam heating Sterilizer equipment working flow:
    The double layer retort pot hot water retaining method retort sterilising equipment not only employs a proprietary fluid flow switch, which reduces temperature differences, By providing the hot water in the warming bath in advance , heating sterilisation at high temperature is possible, with high temperature reached in a short time period, and hot water is recycled back into the warming bath after sterilisation to provide low-steam operations.
    Steam heating sterilizer equipment working process:
    1.Loading glass jar or any other package into the autoclave basket.
    2.Push the sterilization baskets into the sterilizer retort chamber and seal the door.
    3.Pump process water into the sterilizer retort body.
    4.Add some compressed air into the retort or open the pressure relief valve to control the pressure at a suitable level.
    5.Pump cooling water to the retort chamber or plate heat exchanger for cooling
    Benefits of Steam heating Sterilizer equipment:
    1. Quick heating in preheating process
    2.uniform heat distribution in sterilizer chamber
    3. Rapid and even cooling.
    4. Low steam consumption.
    5. Safe counter pressure control during all process phases.
    6. Accurate temperature control
    7. Suitable for different types and sizes of package.
    steam sterilizer vacuum package food

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