Ultrasonic Speedy Fabric Embossing Machine manufacturers

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    Ultrasonic lace roller embossing machine introduction:
    Suitable for clothing, jewelry series, Christmas decorations, bedding, car hood, non-woven fabrics, leather lace, pajamas, underwear, pillowcase, bed quilt cover, skirt headdress flower, hairpin jewelry, ribbon article points, gift packaging tape, joint cloth, dinner cloth, chopsticks cover, seat cover, cup mat, curtain, raincoat, PVE handbags, umbrellas, food bags, tents, shoes and hats products, disposable surgical gown, mask, cap, medical patch, etc.

    Technical parameter:
    Ultrasonic fabric sewing machine Ultrasonic fabric sewing machine
    Output power : 2500W Output power : 2500W
    Power Input : 200V/50Hz Power Input : 200V/50Hz
    Output frequency : 15KHz Output frequency : 15KHz
    Working temperature : -10-28C Working temperature : -10-28C
    Working speed : 0-20m/min Working speed : 0-20m/min
    Equipped pattern mould : 0-100 mm Equipped pattern mould : 0-100 mm
    Size of machine ( L * W * H ) :1300 * 650 * 1500 mm Size of machine ( L * W * H ) :1300 * 650 * 1500 mm
    Ultrasonic lace roller embossing machine features:
    1.Use ultrasonic energy to cut, weld, seal seam, hole, emboss, stitch, slit, form. color & fold.
    2.Need no traditional needle thread.
    Generally need no plastic film paper.
    3.No dissipated edge, wrinkle shrinkage.
    4.Can work continuously for mass production.
    can work curves; easy to change Rollers.
    5.Can print color on the laces with colored paper.
    6.No smoke, spark danger.
    7.Easy operation realizes lowest wage.
    8.Accurate durable alloy Rollers are designed
    by computer aid made with sculpthured molds.
    9.Thousands of pattern roller designs available.

    1. Q: How could I get the spares on machines?
    A: We will send extra sets of easy broken spares and accessories like electric tubes etc. Non-artificial damaged spares (Not including easy quick-wear parts)will be sent freely and shipping free during 1 year’s warranty.
    2. Q: What’s the payment terms and trade terms for new customers?
    A: Payment terms: 30% T/T DEPOSIT PAYMENT IN ADVANCE,BALANCE 70%.
    3. Q: What’s the Minimum Order Quantity and warranty?
    A: MOQ: 1 set
    4. Q: About the sample what is the cost of transportation?
    A: The freight depends on weight, packing size and your country or province region, etc.
    5. Q: How long can I expect to get the sample?
    A: The samples will be ready for delivery in 7-10days. The samples will be sent via international express such as DHL , UPS , TNT , FEDEX and would be arrived within 3-5 days.
    6. Q: What about if some parts get broken in transportation?
    A: Our part will be responsible for that and will send you a new part ASAP. In order to avoid that, we use wooden case to pack.
    Quality control
    1. Checking raw material before producing.
    2. Checking one by one before the assembling
    3. Checking one by one during the production
    4. Have the random inspection before the delivery. Ultrasonic Speedy Fabric Embossing Machine manufacturers

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