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    Zhenjiang ShangYuan new material technology co., LTD. Was established in March 2014, is located in the famous mountain city of zhenjiang. Advantageous geographical location, is the Yangtze river and the beijing-hangzhou grand canal, intersection of Shanghai economic circle and nanjing metropolitan circle, the beijing-shanghai railway, huning inter-city high-speed railway, shanghai-nanjing expressway, 312 national highway through the city, 104 national highway, the runyang Yangtze river bridge linking the north and south.

    Company is the investment in research and development production of aeronautics and astronautics PEI in flame retardant materials and environmental protection new materials such as polymer PET of a technology company, is one of the few domestic can produce PEI, PA, PET, PBT, PP, etc all kinds of products.
    Based on the principle of customer first, constantly to excellent quality, reasonable price, good service, wholeheartedly cooperation with customers and new business, create a better future.Customized Wooden Handle Round Paint Brush

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    TRP711D Sludge Filter Press Introduction
    TRP711D sludge filter press adopt a unique separation technology. It’s brand new dewatering technology, which enables self-cleaning automatically for the filter gaps during sludge thickening and dewatering. Meanwhile this machine has stable and constant capacity without depending on high pressure backwash water to prevent clog. This self-cleaning system enables TRP sludge dewatering press to be a good machine for oily and grease sludge.
    TRP711D Sludge Filter Press Process introduction

    The thickening and dewatering zone is composed of stainless steel screen bars and triangle rotors , they are interlaced with each other. The triangle rotors are all penetrate through the gaps between screen bars ( ≤ 1mm ).
    During operation, the triangle rotors rotate slowly to transport sludge forward and the filtrate flows down through the gaps. During rotation, the triangle rotors are also cleaning the gaps between screen bars, so there is no chance for clogging.

    TRP711D Sludge Filter Press Working Principle

    Mixtures of solids and liquids are poured into the upper section of the machine, the movement of triangle rotors separates the solids and liquids. Furthermore, through the continuous rotation of multiple triangle rotors, separated solid is transferred, meanwhile innovative design prevents the clogging.

    TRP711D Sludge Filter Press Main Comparasion Chart
    ItemsTRP Solid-Liquid SeparatorMulti-Disk Screw PressFrame Filter PressBelt PressCentrifuge
    Applicalion FiledsAs Fine ScreenPXXXX
    As ThickenerPPXXX
    As DewateringPPPPP
    Dewatering of Low Concentrated SludgePPXXX
    No need ThickenerPPXXX
    24-hour auto-matic operationPPXXX
    Occupied Space▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
    Energy Consumption▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
    Labor Intensity▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
    Running Cost▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
    Easy CloggedNever▲▲▲▲▲▲▲None
    Backwash WaterNo Need▲▲▲▲▲▲▲None
    Oily Sludge√PXXP

    TRP711D Sludge Filter Press Case Study
    Manufacturing Wastewater
    Model: TRP411D
    Location: Jiangsu, China
    Sludge Type: Chemical Sludge
    Sludge Concentration : 1.5%
    Sludge Flow Rate : 1.3m³/h
    Ds Throughput : 19.5kg-DS/h
    Polymer Add Rate: 120L/h-0.1%

    F…[Read more]

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    1.Our History
    Zhengzhou Miracle Machinery Co., Ltd is committed to provide high quality machinery and best services. We specialize in manufacturing and exporting of fruits, vegetable and other food processing machinery, such as garlic/onion processing line, dates processing line, coconut oil processing line etc. Through extensive research and development, applications of advanced manufacturing techniques and materials, our products have been exported over 20 countries and earned good reputation from our customer.
    2.Our Product
    We are a company together with science research, professional production experience and sales services team. We have the first-class fruit and vegetable manufacturing equipment. Such as date/olive pitting machine, coconut milk extractor machine, desiccated coconut production equipment, fruit&vegetables sorting, cleaning, drying, cutting and other deep processing machines. Our company always adheres to the purpose of serving the users.
    3.Our service
    We provide the integrated customer service system:
    Pre sales: consulting, designing, equipment selection, technology discussion.
    During sales: programs and drawings confirmed, installation guide, equipment debugging.
    After sales: testing acceptance, customer training, technical exchanges, regular visits.
    China Onion Roots Handling Equipment

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    Steam heating Sterilizer equipment working flow:
    The double layer retort pot hot water retaining method retort sterilising equipment not only employs a proprietary fluid flow switch, which reduces temperature differences, By providing the hot water in the warming bath in advance , heating sterilisation at high temperature is possible, with high temperature reached in a short time period, and hot water is recycled back into the warming bath after sterilisation to provide low-steam operations.
    Steam heating sterilizer equipment working process:
    1.Loading glass jar or any other package into the autoclave basket.
    2.Push the sterilization baskets into the sterilizer retort chamber and seal the door.
    3.Pump process water into the sterilizer retort body.
    4.Add some compressed air into the retort or open the pressure relief valve to control the pressure at a suitable level.
    5.Pump cooling water to the retort chamber or plate heat exchanger for cooling
    Benefits of Steam heating Sterilizer equipment:
    1. Quick heating in preheating process
    2.uniform heat distribution in sterilizer chamber
    3. Rapid and even cooling.
    4. Low steam consumption.
    5. Safe counter pressure control during all process phases.
    6. Accurate temperature control
    7. Suitable for different types and sizes of package.
    steam sterilizer vacuum package food

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    Our History:
    Hangzhou K&M Textile CO.,LTD have been running textiles for above 36 years. Main Products have outdoor fabrics,functional fabrics,Leisure fabric,Medical surgical clothing fabrics. Our mission is being the best fabric supplier.
    K&M Textile focuses on providing environmental friendly products with stable quality, and we are cooperating with well-known company both domestically and internationally.
    Our Factory:
    Production Equipment:
    Production Market:
    South America /North America/ European / Southeast Asia / Australia
    Main Customers : DICKIES ; DICK’S ; WAL-MART ; Academy ;
    Our Service:
    Company not only pay attention to product quality, also pay more attention to individual and team service consciousness. Strive to make the cooperation with the customer to be fluent, simplification, and long time.Welcome the masses of friends come to visit, guidance and business negotiation.
    Our Advantages:
    1. We treat every customer sincerely.
    2. We have a wide range of fabric products.
    3. We have a professional team of silk fabric.
    4. We have rich experience of fabric.
    5. We can accept large order because of abundant capital.
    6. We provide FREE development of new product.China Digital Printed Stretch Fabric

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    A particulate steam boiler is a kind of biomass boiler, which is a steam boiler that specializes in burning biomass fuel.
    1) Running environmental protection,
    2) save fuel,
    3) Automatic feeding and slagging,
    4) The air blower induced fan is frequency-regulated, the boiler is fully automatic, and the fuel quantity can be automatically adjusted according to the load change, and the steam output is stable.
    5) It has many protection and alarm measures such as pressure, water level and exhaust temperature to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.
    6) Effectively reduce energy consumption, reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, improve the environment, and is an important measure to improve the haze weather in the north.
    Operational Precautions
    1) The specific operation of the boiler should be carried out according to the product manual to ensure the safety of the operators and equipment.
    2) Check the power supply, voltage, water source and gas before starting the machine. Close the drain valve to open the water supply valve, check whether the flue is smooth, check the pressure of the furnace body and the working condition of the water pump, check the closed condition of the gas pipeline interface, and close the gas valve. Pre-ignition confirms that the motor is reversing. Check if the pump is stuck. If the pump is stuck, remove the fan back cover and turn the motor shaft to the flexible state to start.
    3) When you repair the boiler or replace the accessories, please cut off the gas and power supply to avoid danger caused by live work.
    4) The electric control box, burner, pump motor and other parts should be protected from moisture ingress to prevent burning, and the boiler should be kept clean.
    5) This product belongs to the gas steam boiler. Please be sure to install the water softener when using this equipment according to the boiler water quality requirements.
    Because it will cause boiler fouling if you do not use water softener,in severe cases, it will cause bursting and shorten the life of the boiler.
    If the above conditions are not used in accordance with the provisions of the water treatment e…[Read more]

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    Shenzhen Jinfengsheng Flocking Products Co., Ltd. is located in shenzhen City, Guangdong Province.
    We have been specialized in manufacturing all kinds of flocking fabric for more than 11 years. We have three advanced brand-new flocking production lines, which produce flocking fabric about 50,000 meters per day. We can do OEM and ODM product which widely used for jewelry box, gift box, electronic accessories, furniture, arts/craft automobile decoration.
    We are also specialized in producing all kinds fabric, such as nonwoven, spunlace, knitted, cotton, pig pile ,suede and etc, all these fabric are mainly used for jewelry box, package, and etc. as a manufacturer, we have the advantage to develop more new popular products to meet our customer’s requirements.China Self Adhesive Flock supplier

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    NOBLE is a professional manufacturer:
    1. Robot structure parts: We provide professional services of structural design optimization and parts machining. our own core process is CNC(include milling, turning, drilling, tapping, carving, cutting, etc.), we integrate the manufacturing recourse of the upstream and downstream industries(include various Rapid tooling and molds, 3D printing like SLA and SLS, various surface treatment, etc.) We have perfect ability in manufacturing various types of metal parts, like aluminum alloy, stainless steel, copper, and so on. Choose us and you will enjoy convenient and guaranteed one-stop service.
    2. Nursing/care devices: We can design and produce nursing/care devices for you.
    3. Nursing/care robots: We have accumulated rich experience in the service-robots field that including climbing-stairs robots, rehabilitation robots and intelligent robot seats, etc. we can help customers to develop and produce the whole product.machined guide robot parts made in China

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    Commercial Single Burner Outdoor Patio Stove
    Whether you’re camping or at home,this Backyard Pro single burner outdoor patio stove will help you cook quickly and easily. It has one powerful burner for rapid and even heating of water and cooking oil.
    – Portable cast iron one burner camp stove
    – Sturdy and durable design
    – High Heat Output ,200,000 BTU
    – Fully adjustable heat-control knob
    – High pressure regulator include

    Item No:CA-PA01/01S/01B
    N.W:6.2KGS / 9.7KGS
    Burner:CAST IRON
    Power:22KW / 60KW
    Qty/Ctn:1 PCS
    Packing Size:43×41.5×32.5CM
    Export Port:Ningbo,Shanghai,Yiwu

    Big Burner Portable Patio Gas Stove For Bbq
    This gas patio Stove crafted from rugged welded steel, it has one 10-inch cast-iron burner with a large cooking surface that supporting up to a 100 quart stockpot. The powerful fire make cooking fast,and perfect for outdoor cooking.
    – Powerful fire cast iron burner
    – Manual ignition
    – welded steel frame stable and portable
    – High pressure regulator include
    Item No:CA-PA02
    Power: 60KW
    Customization: Welcome
    Packing Size:30×46.5x35CM
    Export Port:Ningbo,Shanghai,Yiwu
    20FT/40HQ:571CTNS /1387CTNS
    Portable Propane Outdoor Camp Stove
    This 23 inch tall camp stove creates the perfect working height , you can cook outdoors comfortably. It has one extremely high power cast iron burner, and its wind shield keep the safe flame,so boils and cooks very fast.The circular frame design allows for large stockpots,iron pan and so on,and great for frying fish, steaming clams, and boiling vegetables.
    – cast iron powerful burner
    – easy to attach hose
    – wind shield keep the flame
    – adjustable heat for easy control
    – High pressure regulator include
    – durable, welded steel frame

    Item No:CA-PA04
    Burner:CAST IRON
    Packing Size:43×41.5×32.5
    Export Port:Ningbo,Shanghai,Yiwu
    20FT/40HQ:482CTNS/1172CTNS Sin…[Read more]

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    Product Description
    Yarn Counts bright raw white : 20/2 20/3 20/4 20/6 20/9 30/2 30/3 40/2 40/3 45/2 50/2 50/3 60/2 60/3
    semi dull : 22/2 22/3 32/2 32/3 36/2 42/2 42/3 52/2 52/3 62/2 62/3
    optical white : 20s/2 20s/3 20s/4 20s/6 20s/9 30s/2 30s/3 40s/2 40s/3 42s/2 50s/2 50s/3 60s/2 60s/3 42/2 42s/2
    special or customized counts are also availble
    Available Styles raw white polyester spun yarn in paper cone or plastic cone
    semi dull polyester spun yarn in Korean style tube 1.4175kg/cone
    raw white or semi dull polyester yarn in hanks
    bleached white polyester yarn in paper bobbin
    dyed colors polyester yarn in plastic dyeable tube or rewinded in paper cone
    dyed colors polyester sewing thread in dyed small cone
    Arts ring spun and TFO
    Color grey, raw white, optical white, bright white, semi-dull, bleached white and dyed colors
    Features 1) good abrasion resistance, high strength and high tenacity
    2) good color fastness, bright
    3) low-elongation and well sewing function
    Application 20/2Jeans , shoes , caps , leather products , etc.
    20/3Jeans , shoes , handbags , leather products , etc.
    30/2Art crafts , handbags , protective suits , etc.
    30/3Jeans , tents , leather products , handbags , shoes , etc.
    40/2Trousers , coats , suits , shirts , etc.
    40/3Protective suits , art crafts , shoes , etc.
    50/2Knitting garments , suit-dress , underwear , etc.
    50/3Art crafts , decoration sewing , field clothes , etc.
    60/2Ultrathin fabrics , underwear , suit-dress , etc.
    60/3Coats , suits , trousers , bedsheets , quilts , blankets , etc.
    OtherSewing clothes , garments , gloves , caps , bedsheets , blankets , shoes , bags , etc.
    PackingYarnPaper cone: 1.67kg/paper cone, 15cones (25kg)/pp bag or carton , 10.5ton/20’GP, 25ton/40’HQ
    Plastic cone: 1.25kg/plastic cone, 20cones (25kg)/pp bag or carton, 8 ton/20’GP, 23ton/40’HQ
    Hank yarn: 250g/hank, 20hanks/buddle, 20buddles(100kgs)/pp bag
    Thread60-120pcs/paper carton according to the thread weight or length
    Free SampleAvailable
    Delivery TermWithin 7-20days after the order confirmed
    Payment TermT/T or L/CRAW WHITE POLYESTER YARN…[Read more]