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    Detail information of pig fatterning crates
    Dimensiondepends on the request
    Materialφ32*2.5mm steel tube,Ø21.3×2.3mm tube inside
    Feedercast iron feeder,dry and wet feeders etc
    DrinkerNipple drinker,drinking bowl
    Floorcement floors
    Introduction of pig farm finishing crates
    Pig Finishing Stall fatten crates are manufactured by adopting the overall hot dip galvanizing technology.They are internally and externally anti-corrosion.Connection points are not welded,crates can be produced in batches and assembled on the spot.
    1.Excellent corrosion resistance–fully hot dip galvanised
    2.Tube fence.
    3.For more than 40kgs pig.
    4.Different feeder is available.
    5.Easy to install,clean and disinfect,good enviroment for Boar.
    6.Any size is available, we can design according to customer’s pig farm.
    7.We can make Pig Finishing Stall according to buyer’s drawings and designFinishing Crate price