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    FHF polyimide F46 film for wire wrapping
    FHF polyimide F46 film is taking polyimide film as substrate material, and coating with F46 on its double sides. FHF polyimide F46 film has outstanding properties as high temperature resistant, radiation resistant, corrosion resistant etc like polyimide film.
    Double sides be adhesive at high temperature
    Halogen-free, environment-friendly
    Magnetic wire, class H motor,
    Insulation layer in product of magnet wire, cable, class H motor etc.
    Available thickness:50um 60um
    Application of thin film
    in the wrapping electromagnetic wire, and the perfluoroethylene propylene(F46) emulsion is coated on one side or double side to make polyimide F46 composite film.
    F46 PI film can be wrapped around the bare copper wire, after entering the furnace high temperature (about 350 DEG C), the film due to shrinkage and wire wrapped tightly, the sticky layer melt into a whole. Features: good heat resistance, thin and uniform insulation layer, and good sealing. It improves moisture resistance, electrical performance and anti pass performance of wire. Due to the good flexibility of thin film, the insulation layer is intact and no rupture occurs when the conductor is bent. It is suitable for H and F motor winding resistance. The thickness of the interturn insulation is about 1/3 thinner than that of the double wire enameled wire, and the thermal conductivity is good, the volume of the motor is reduced and the reliability of the motor is improved. It is widely used in spaceship, high voltage motor, locomotive traction motor, deep well submersible pump motor and metallurgical motor and so on.
    Material use
    Industrial applications: high tenderness printed circuit base material, flat circuit, wire and cable, insulation layer of electromagnetic wire, and insulation for various motor.
    Application: widely used in aerospace, motor, energy saving lamps, audio frequency equipment, test transformer, vehicle, instrument communication and other industrial departments.
    wholesale FHF Polyimide F46 Film