• Wenzhou Zhengbo Electric Power Fittings Co., Ltd. is located in Wengyang Industrial Zone, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province. It is adjacent to Liuzhou, the capital of China’s electrical appliances. It relies on the strong electrical manufacturing industry chain in Wenzhou to provide high-quality power matching products for domestic and foreign customers. The company’s founder, technology and management team are the founders of composite (polymer) insulators fittings industry in Yueqing (formerly Yueqing Guoli Hardware Co., Ltd.), with 16 years of experience in the development and production of insulator fittings, and its advanced production technology and strict quality control have been a core advantage for our customers.

    Our production and testing equipment is complete, currently has 45 precision CNC lathes, a number of wire tapping machines, drilling machines, punching machines, shot blasting machines, cutting machines, grinders, tensile machines, coating thickness gauges and so on. The team is fully staffed, with 3 management staff, 2 sales staff, 3 technicians, 3 quality inspectors and 20 ordinary employees, totaling more than 30 people. Our main products are composite (polymer) insulators fittings (suspension type, cross-arm, flange, pin type, etc.), fuses fittings and so on, widely used in domestic and foreign power grids. After more than 10 years of tests, operation practice shows that our company’s power fittings are reliable and trustworthy.

    The core team of the company deeply understands the importance of quality to the development of the company. Since the establishment of the company, it has always adhered to the quality policy of “green, high efficiency, superior quality and integrity” and established a strict quality control system, which has won unanimous favorable comments from domestic and foreign customers. Sincerely welcome new and old friends to join us to create brilliant.China 10 KV Transmission Line Cross Arm Fittings

  • Our History
    2006 from now
    Our Factory
    Photos which could from our made in china or alibaba
    Our Product
    Pharmaceutical packaging machine include Semi and automatic capsule filling machine,blister packaging machine,blister packaging machine,cartoner,tablet film coating machine,bin blender etc and cosmetic machine include wet wipes packaging machine,facial mask semi and fully automatic line
    Product Application
    Pharmaceutical,food,cosmetic and chemical line
    Our Certificate
    CESmall Blister Packing Machine price

  • Our History
    As the fixed supplier of the three biggest telecommunication Companies (China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom) in China. Zhejiang GuangFan Communication Technology Co., Ltd. has been specializing in manufacturing and selling communication equipment since 2011.
    Our trading company and manufacture plant both locate in Jiaxing City, which is in the east of China, with a distance of about 1.5hours by car from Shanghai City. Based on the best geographical position, we can send the products to the customers all over the world in short time. With own standardize factory and professional team, we promise to provide you high-quality products, professional service and competitive price.
    Our aim is to be one of the most professional products, system and service provider in the telecommunication field. Expecting to become your long-term partner in China.Card type Fiber Optic Cross Cabinet suppliers

  • Established in 2011, Shanghai Lianlu Industrial Co.,ltd with two whlooy-owned subsidiaries, Shanghai NewSunow Chemical as the R&D center and Jiangxi Lianlu Bio-Technology Co.,ltd. as the manufactouring base, is an integration company of R&D, production,sales and self-managed import&export.
    Mr. Pan,founder of the company and also founded the former Shanghai Jiubang Chemical Co.,ltd. in 2002, has been engaged in Chemical Industry Since then. In Aug 1st 2016,approved by National Equities Exchange and Quotations, Shanghai Lianlu Industrial Co.,ltd is listed publicly on the New Over-the-counter Market.
    Functional Ingredients, Intermediates, Estrogens and Progestogens are the main products manufactured and marketed in our company.
    Our company, relying on two well-know universities in Shanghai as technical support, puts a high value on product research and development. Principal investigator of the R&D center, who graduated from Shanghai Medical University,has been awarded two doctoral degrees,one in Shanghai Medical University anf the other in France. Did her postdoctoral research in Europe, she has more than twenty years experience of research and development. With her as the core of the R&D team, our company has not only achieved technological innovations on the original production process, but also successfully developed a nomber of new products. Among them is the Vitamin E Calcium Succinate. We even participated in the formulation of its National Standards organized by the National Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantie Buteau.
    The company adheres to the core values of ” Customer demands as guidance,products R&D as support, product quality as guarantee”. Joint development with all the customers at home and abroad is our calcium Acid powder Weight Loss

  • Introduction:
    We supply various types of anti static foam for customers to meet with different demands.
    Option one: Create custom anti-static foam cushioning without expensive die-cutting.
    Soft polyethylene foam conforms snugly around sensitive electronics.
    Option two: Static-free polyethylene foam rolls in economical lengths.
    Recommended for use with static sensitive equipment.
    1. packing or conveying of high-end components, integrated circuit and printed circuit board.
    2. IC products for packing or shipment.
    3. packing and conveying for communications and military products in the workshop or shipment. China IXPE FOAM

  • About Us
    Jinan HaoYue Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is located in Jinan, near Qingdao port in Shandong province, China.
    We specialize in manufacturing Laser Engraving Machine, Laser Cutting Machine, Fiber Laser Marking Machine, CO2 Laser Marking Machine. Our products are widely used in various industries such as arts and crafts processing, advertising, clothing, leather processing, model and woodworking and stone working.
    The company has three series of products, and it is exported to more than 150 countries and regions in Europe, America and other area of the world. Always adhering to the development principle of Striving and exploring for progress, quality first and reputation upmost.
    We will continue to design and develop first class laser machine. Client’s satisfaction is the biggest aim of our company.CO2 Laser Machine For Polypropylene price

  • Shandong Guanye Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to provide a comprehensive magnetic fixed solution for precast concrete (i.e. pc component) module. The company’s main products are “Guanye” brand of fixed magnetic box for edge mold and its connection accessories, magnetic edge mold, magnetic chamfer bar and various fixed magnetic seat of embedded parts . In the production of precast concrete parts,adopting the magnetic fixing scheme can avoid the damage to the platform to improve the working efficiency and save labor cost and make sure the products meet the requirements of the factory. Magnetic fixing device can be reused and has good economic benefit.
    Our company specializes in the development and manufacture of magnetic materials, and at the same time, we have developed many magnetic separation equipment used in mining, glass, ceramics, grain, oil, chemical and other fields, especially in grain, glass, mines and other fields,we have had more than 20 patents. In the last 10 years, we have designed and manufactured all kinds of mould magnetic fasteners for PC components.It has gradually grown up to be the domestic first choice brand of customer satisfaction with more and complete,good and fine products,moderate price. To date, our products have been exported to Indonesia, Germany, Italy, Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and other countries and regions, which makes us to accumulate a lot of production and application experience. With the development of global architecture industrialization, magnetic fixed devices have been widely recognized and applied in the production of PC components. We have made use of our expertise in magnetic components and our rich experience in the production of prefabricated components. Our products have been widely used and recognized by large domestic enterprises such as BROAD, CMIG Drawin, SANY HEAVY INDUSTRY, BEAUTY GROUP and so on.
    In the global development of building industrialization, we look forward to in-depth communication with the vast number of customers, focus on the development of the products to produce out the excellent quality of products suitable for domestic and foreign PC actual production needs. We…[Read more]

  • ※Our Company
    Dongguan Further Technology Company Limited, founded in May 2007, is one of the earliest manufacturers of automotive security monitoring;equipment. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development of Manual-automatic in one window breakers and car video recorders, as well as the design and production of ancillary products.

    Further Technology implements a strict modern management system, including professional technical research and development personnel; Advanced industrial equipment; Strong and profound technical capability; Perfect quality assurance system and after-sales service system.
    In today’s increasingly fierce market competition, our company pays more attention to modern enterprise management and professional after-sales service.

    Over the years, Further Technology has attached great importance to brand building and has always insisted on serving customers with excellent products, reliable quality and superior performance. Our Manual-automatic in one glass breaker and car video recorder have sold all over the world, satisfying the high demand of customers, winning great praise from the automotive security industry and long-term trust of customers.
    ※Company Exhibition
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    ※Our CertificateCustomized Car Camera Video Recorder

  • ELE Nano material bead mill adopt CNC machining production, and has got CE approval. The international advanced design of length to diameter ratio, high energy concentration realizes large flow ultrafine grinding, grinding energy will be used as efficiently as possible.
    ELE Nano Material bead mill adopt double cartridge mechanical seal with patent No.:201610459850.7, maximum 8-10KGS pressure resistance, specially designed for grinding materials with small particles. Overall unit, convenient to use and install, no need professionals to change.
    Advanced discharging method, using unique large area of tubular reseau centrifugal separator, precise separation & smooth discharging & Smooth production.
    Production flow for Nano Material making machine
    Suitable Bead Mill for Nano grinding mill
    Turbo Type Bead Mill
    Pin type Bead Mill
    Three Types of Contact material for option
    Harden Alloy Steel
    Strong Wear resistance, Alloy with special treatment, Hardness reach HRC62

    With Special ceramic material: zirconium or silicon carbide, Stronger wear resistance, No Metal contamination, Hardness reach HRC72-78.

    PU polyurethane
    No Metal contamination

    ● Final particle size is narrow distributed.
    ● ELE-NET0.05 discharging sieve is designed for superfine material, to ensure of large flow rate, and microbeads can be used at the same time;
    ● Selection of special material (zirconia / silicon carbide/hard alloy steel etc.) enhance wearability of all processing contact parts,It adopts internal thread type cooling way, effectively improves heat dissipation the grinding chamber.
    Nano Material Bead Mill
    Bead Mill For Nano Material
    Machine details
    ELE Nano Material Bead Mill is suitable for 2microns, 1microns or even below 1microns, nanometers, like 50nm, 100nm, 200nm…etc

    Professional technical supports & Processing Machines
    Our engineers are around 20years rich experience in this area, professional skills and stable processing.
    Fine process center
    Fine process center
    Polishing center
    Maintenance & Services
    1.We offer you Videos for equipment installation and maintenance in both English and Chinese…[Read more]